Myths and realities about doctorates you should know

Have all the information available before taking the step and start preparing a doctoral thesis

Higher education is a sacrifice. Discover what areas of your life will affect and if you are willing to sacrifice.

What does it mean to prepare a doctoral thesis? You can improve your employability and climb the social ladder but what you have to give up.

Your life will change when you start with the thesis. You must be well prepared for it. Watch if you can combine academic life with your work and personal life.

Studying a PhD is a real challenge. The motivation with which you prepare it will be closely related to the results.

Gaining positions in the social ladder, increase your professional experience are two of the benefits of having higher education. When it comes to doing a PhD it is important to be clear about the objective.

A doctoral thesis demands passion. If you are going to prepare a doctorate before starting with administrative procedures and access to the University, the most important thing is that you consider what it will mean.

The doctorate consumes a lot of time and effort to the students. You may have heard that it can be reconciled with professional life. Before formalizing your registration you must be sure of this and propose a deadline to remove it.

What does it mean to prepare a doctoral thesis?

1. Dedication to research

After the degree if you want to do a PhD you will have to prepare a master’s degree and then choose the subject to focus on to begin the research of your thesis. This activity demands a lot of dedication. Before committing yourself to it, you must check that you have the necessary time and energy.

2. Give up having free time for other hobbies

The time you dedicate to the thesis will have to take it from another side. You will see that as soon as you start to investigate you will have to sacrifice other activities that used to fill your time. During the years that research takes you will have to compromise your hobbies, and even some family and personal obligations.

3. The thesis will make your CV more attractive

Many doctoral students choose this path to make their profile more attractive for the labor market. Thanks to the thesis you will see how your employability will be greater. So you can add an argument to your CV so that the HR department that you interview will choose you from the rest of the candidates.

4. It will allow you a greater social projection

In many countries the doctor treatment is highly respected. Having these higher studies can open many doors on the social scale. University students with doctorate studies are much more considerate when it comes to lecturing, public speaking and even invitations to cocktails and official receptions, even the airlines will take better care of you when you are treated as a doctor.

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