Tips for developing a university thesis

Are you shortly after graduation? Take note of the tips for developing a university thesis.

The thesis is a fundamental part to finish your studies successfully.

Choosing a suitable subject is essential to make a good thesis.

We detail all the parts that your thesis must contain to meet the objectives set.

The University of Illinois offers a guide to develop a university thesis. Discover step by step what it is about and get ready to finish your career in the best way.

How to choose a theme?

To choose a thesis topic it is necessary to take a tour of your entire career and thus understand which were the subjects that you enjoyed the most or where you stood out the most. There you can find the answer to the topic you are looking for.

On the other hand, if you have already decided what you want to do, try using the same technique to find the theoretical backing. To define the chosen topic, you can use your mentor or who will be in charge of guiding you during the preparation of the thesis.

How to make it?

Topic / Title: The subject to be investigated will be summarized in the title. For this reason, it must be concrete, limited and with a high level of clarity.

Problem: After the title, place a section indicating the problem to be evaluated or treated, linked to the central theme. When raising the problem, it is practical to remember that if there is no problem there is no need for study.

Hypothesis: Within the hypothesis it is proposed, through one or more arguments, what you consider to be the problem of your investigation.

Methodology: When it comes to mentioning the methodology, you must make it clear which tools you will be using. Will you conduct surveys? Will you resort to bibliographic material? Identify how many and which are.

6 questions to ask yourself when you are preparing a thesis

  • Is the theme well chosen?
  • Do you have the right extension?
  • Is the topic specific enough?
  • Is the idea clearly expressed?
  • Are personal opinions included?
  • Your thesis is original?
  • How to prepare the defense?

For the defense it is convenient to elaborate a presentation of support that serves as a guide during the dissertation. You must ensure that it does not extend for more than 30 minutes but that, at the same time, it is entertaining for the spectators.

Add effects, play with the fonts and combine the background colors. Each slide must be visible for one minute, one minute and a half. It is possible to affirm then, that an ideal presentation must have between 20 and 30 slides.

Within the presentation it is essential to include the research topic, the content divided by chapters of the work, the hypothesis to be tested, the methodology used. Mention also the most intuitive reasons that prompted you to do the thesis in the first instance.

Practice presenting orally more than once. You can even film yourself doing it to be able to visualize with more clarity which are the faults to correct.

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