What professional opportunities in the private world can you have if you do a PhD?

The research also offers job opportunities with good expectations of the future beyond the academic area

Performing a PhD means being an expert professional in your area of ​​study and more than prepared for the world of work.

Companies join R & D & I projects to strengthen their products and need avid researchers in the field.

There are scholarships to do a PhD, even in the best universities in the world.

Reaching the maximum level of university education is already an important achievement for PhD students, but there is still a long way to go. The demands are multiplied as well as the degree of responsibility acquired by their participation in the research team of which they become part, but in the end, they are rewarded.

After spending years in an academic institution, it is normal that their professional future vision is related to education or to continue research with the support of the University, but in recent years graduate students are targeting other work environments.

The new technologies invite the private sector to carry out research in their respective branches of action, since in the arduous competition of the business market they are placed in a privileged position those in offering innovative solutions for the new needs of the global society.

This has increased the number of doctors who have committed to the private sector to present to the world development projects with a greater international reach. And more and more are the work of a researcher is more than welcome.

Departments of R + D + i of companies

Those with a doctorate in economics or science can contribute their knowledge to the improvement of technology, products or services of any company.

Innovation and quality have become the basis of competition and the application of a scientific method in the development process has shown highly favorable results for companies that have opted for this alternative.

Private consultancies

Those who have a doctorate usually have a good capacity for analysis and logical thinking. Interesting features for companies, governments and other actors in search of strong investments with the minimum possible risks. Consultations of all kinds already exist, therefore, the catalog of action for different doctoral programs is opened.


A researcher does not have to renounce his social commitment when he departs from the academic world. These non-profit organizations know that the word of an expert in their field of work is a guarantee for companies and governments that subsidize their programs.

Sector financiero

Bancos, cajas de ahorros, compañías de seguros y varias empresas similares. Hoy en día el análisis de los datos a nivel macro puede ofrecer la información más relevante y las tendencias más comunes para la evaluación de riesgos.

Si te interesan estás u otras salidas de trabajo parecidas, diez en la cuenta que existen porque las ayudas para motivar a los estudiantes a cumplir sus sueños y promover la igualdad en la educación. Por su parte, las mejores universidades del mundo también cuentan con programas propios para recibir a alumnos de posgrado del extranjero.

No está de más para recordar que, aunque los resultados son gratamente bienvenidos en diferentes sectores empresariales, también debemos saber cómo preparar un cv decente y ampliar su red de contactos como todos los demás mortales.

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